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Our Process

Intuitive Dental Concepts is the leading choice for state-of-the-art dental technology and a streamlined process for full arch restorative solutions. Under the guidance of renowned industry expert and Implant Specialist Darron Chidrawi, a registered Dental Technician with a bachelor's degree in dental technology. Intuitive Dental Concepts is on a mission to revolutionize the field of implantology and restorative dentistry. Our commitment lies in delivering groundbreaking solutions and a tailored process that redefines the way you experience dental transformation.

1. Planning

Darron Chidrawi

We uphold rigorous standards in our planning process and never compromise on quality. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is unwavering, ensuring that we stay ahead of the evolving needs of our clients. We go the extra mile to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

2. Scanning

Darron Chidrawi

With the implementation of the best intra-oral and face scanning technology currently available and backed with the precision of the 4D Imetric photogrammetry scanner, is directly resulted to our high-quality restorations and success. This is the most important phase as its sets the foundation between success and failure of the final restoration. 

3. Prototyping

Intuitive Dental Concepts

For years, we've taken pride in our position as the foremost leader in the full arch restoration dental laboratory field in Hawaii. To maintain our prominence, we've collaborated closely with oral surgeons, surgical dentists and dental offices ensuring that every product we create upholds the highest standards of quality and adheres to our commitment to responsible dental processes.

4. Finishing

Intuitive Dental Concepts

At our full arch restoration dental laboratory in Hawaii, we uphold rigorous standards throughout our dental process, and we never compromise on quality. Our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement is driven by our dedication to meeting evolving requirements. We go above and beyond to guarantee complete satisfaction for all our clients.

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