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Darron Chidrawi

Intuitive Dental Concepts' Founder and Implant Specialist

Introducing Darron Chidrawi – Shaping the Future of Dental Technology

Meet the driving force behind Intuitive Dental Concepts: Darron Chidrawi, a seasoned professional with a profound passion for dental technology. With a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Laboratory Technology, Darron embarked on his odyssey in the dental world back in 1999. His journey took a pivotal turn in 2001/2002 when the lab acquired the pioneering Sirona InLab, marking the initiation of his CAD-CAM expedition.

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More about Indtuitive Dental Concepts' founder and Implant Specialist, Darron Chidrawi ...

In 2009, a new chapter unfolded as Darron joined forces with a Cape Town-based dental laboratory, materializing through a strategic partnership. His dedication and expertise were globally recognized in 2014 when he earned the prestigious title of a certified International Trainer for Sirona InLab. Since then, his influence has spanned continents, as he imparts and receives training in diverse nations. Beyond training, he has demonstrated the prowess of CAD-CAM efficiency and streamlined digital collaboration between dentists and laboratories. Notably, he orchestrated the intricate production workflow of a nine-story dental clinic in Kuwait, leaving an indelible mark.

While Darron's journey began at the bench of a dental laboratory in Cape Town, his eminence has since flourished. He now stands as a distinguished Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for Dentsply Sirona Lab Division, amplifying his reach and impact. Simultaneously, he has taken on the mantle of a revered trainer for The Academy of Digital Dentistry, further extending his influence. But it doesn't end there – Darron is also a brand ambassador for Diashine, championing innovation in the field.


Seventeen years deep into the CAD-CAM revolution, Darron remains intricately woven into the technological fabric of his profession. His expertise spans the nuances of Shade Taking to his recent certification as an eLAB® user, showcasing his unwavering dedication. His ardor for his craft is unwavering, and he perpetually dons the hat of a student, immersing himself in the ever-evolving landscape of dental systems and materials.

In 2020, a new chapter began as Darron embarked on a voyage to Honolulu, Hawaii, where his expertise found a new canvas at a dental lab in downtown Honolulu. His reputation continued its ascent, culminating in his appointment as a Key Opinion Leader for Desktop Health, a testament to his prowess in the field.

Darron's narrative is one of unceasing passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us in celebrating his remarkable journey as he continues to shape the future of dental technology. At Intuitive Dental Concepts, we're proud to be at the forefront of innovation and expertise, dedicated to providing exceptional services to the dental community in Hawaii.

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