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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Intuitive Dental Concepts, where innovation meets excellence in the realm of restorative dentistry. At IDC, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way dental professionals approach full arch restorations and implantology. Led by industry expert Darron Chidrawi, a Registered Dental Technician with a bachelor's degree in dental technology, our team is committed to delivering premium quality outcomes with precision and care. Through advanced dental technology, meticulous treatment planning, and a focus on predictable workflows, we empower clinicians to achieve remarkable results. Before delving into our frequently asked questions, allow us to provide you with a brief overview of our specialized services and solutions designed to elevate your practice and exceed patient expectations.

What is full arch service, and how does IDC specialize in it?

Our full arch service at Intuitive Dental Concepts involves a comprehensive approach to restorative dentistry, covering everything from treatment planning to the production of final prostheses. We specialize in leveraging advanced dental technologies to ensure precise and high-quality outcomes for full arch restorations.

What is 4D imetric (photogrammetry) technology, and how does it benefit my dental practice?

4D imetric technology is a cutting-edge photogrammetry scanning method that provides unparalleled accuracy in capturing dental records. This technology enhances treatment planning, enabling dental professionals to achieve precise results. We offer this service at a competitive pricing model to accommodate your practice's needs.

Can IDC help streamline my restorative workflows?

Absolutely! Intuitive Dental Concepts is committed to providing predictable, stress-free workflows for dental professionals. Our detailed protocols and advanced technologies are designed to minimize errors and enhance the efficiency of your restorative processes.

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